Segment Issue 1

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Tomorrow’s food
Professor Richard Newcomb, Chief Scientist at Plant & Food Research, looks at the future of producing and managing food to sustainably feed a growing population. Page 6

The buzz on bees
Journalist Matt Philp looks at the latest research on bees and what scientists are doing to protect pollination and biodiversity. Page 12

Growing together
A photo story depicting how New Zealand science is helping families in Cambodia and Viet Nam improve their lives. Page 20

Time for a new conversation about gene editing. Page 10


Science News
Snippets of news from the science of food. Page 5

Quick Facts
It’s all about the apple Envy™. Page 17

Loren Zhao, the CEO of China’s biggest online fruit retailer, Fruitday, shares his thoughts around the changing world of food. Page 18

Industry Focus
SunGold — the international traveller. Follow the journey of Zespri® SunGold Kiwifruit which has travelled to almost 50 countries. Page 26

New Technology
Robots and super orchards. Orchards of the future will look and operate quite differently, paving the way to increased production and easier management, not to mention helpful robots. Page 28

Food for Thought
Perfect partners. Three food pairs with a special kind of chemistry. Page 30

Inside Slice

Meet our people. Page 34

A smart green future. Page 36

News. Page 38

Our sectors. Page 40