Our Smart Green Future

We all have our own idea about what's important to us for the future. Here are some of the ways our science and our scientists are contributing to a smart green future.

What's your Smart Green Future? Our stories

Dr David Pattemore

“Our native insects are recognised for their vital role in our food production”

Dr Suzy Black

“Our oceans are wisely used to grow fish to feed the world”

Dr Andrew Kralicek

“Everyone will have a device in their pockets that can smell danger”

Kerry Templeton

“New Zealand hops are used in premium craft beers around the world”

Sam Baldwin

“Every urban home has access to home-grown fruits and vegetables, no matter the season”

Food for thought

Plant health

How our science is contributing to keeping plants healthy globally.
Plant-based foods
Our research and ideas on the changing nature of plant-based foods