Viticulture Production Systems

We develop new tools and techniques to support the wine industry.

Plant & Food Research works closely with New Zealand Winegrowers, the industry body representing grape growers and winemakers in New Zealand, to deliver continuous improvements to the industry and to respond to the needs of growers. Plant & Food Research is the leading research provider to the Marlborough Wine Research Centre, and provides scientific leadership, authoritative information and innovative technological development for the grape and wine industry, both in Marlborough and throughout New Zealand.

Plant & Food Research has developed several tools and protocols to support viticulture and the wine industry, including:

Grape Yield Model
The Grape Yield Model is a computer-based model designed to predict the yield of Sauvignon blanc grapes in Marlborough. The model uses temperatures recorded during the flowering season (December-January) to predict both bunch numbers and bunch weight of the coming harvest. This tool allows growers the opportunity to make appropriate vineyard management decisions early, saving time and money in the process.

Sustainable Viticulture
Our scientists work to deliver to growers new methods of managing their vines. Our vineyard-based studies work closely with the Sustainable Winegrowers New Zealand programme to improve the sustainability of vineyards and to address key pest and disease management issues.

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