Active & Intelligent Packaging

We develop packaging that can monitor or enhance the quality of fresh produce.

Plant & Food Research develops novel, low-cost sensors capable of indicating the postharvest state of fruits. We apply these sensors to new fruit packaging and associated devices in order both to enhance and monitor postharvest fruit quality.

We work with global fruit and vegetable producers to provide customised, integrated solutions and novel technologies to ensure that produce reaches consumers in a ripe, ready to eat condition. Our products can be used by a consumer to tell when a piece of fruit is ready to eat, or by a packhouse operator to detect a storage problem within a box of fruit. 

Ethylene Release Capsules™ provide a controlled rate of gas to trigger and coordinate fruit ripening, which can be continuously monitored by colour change indicators such as ripeSense®.

ripeSense® are low-cost, single-use indicator labels that respond to signature volatiles emitted by fruits.  They can alert a packhouse operator to particular boxes containing fruit with storage problems, and can be used by produce managers and customers to identify the ripest fruits.  ripeSense®, marketed by Ripesense Limited, was featured by Time Magazine as one of the “top 50 most amazing inventions” of 2004.

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