Seafood Technologies

Plant & Food Research delivers tools and systems to optimise the quality and value of seafood products with minimal environmental impact.

Seafood Technologies targets:

  • Low impact harvesting systems for sustainable fisheries management
  • Postharvest storage and preservation systems for optimised quality and safety
  • High value ingredients and biomaterials from seafood by-products

New Zealand has a unique marine environment, controlling the world’s fourth largest Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), more than 15 times the size of the country’s land mass. The country has a strong international reputation for high quality seafood products, reliable food safety and, of growing importance with consumers, sustainable management of fisheries. Plant & Food Research develops tools and systems that allow the seafood industry to deliver high quality seafood products, as well as increasing the value of the current harvest through the development of value-added seafood products.

We undertake live capture, harvesting and postharvest research to ensure seafood products retain quality from capture to consumer, and deliver premium returns in global markets. We are also developing new packaging technologies for seafood that reduce damage and optimise quality in transportation.

Plant & Food Research has a Bioprocessing Laboratory and Pilot Plant that allows us to extract and modify molecules from seafood by-products for use in industrial processes. Our scientists are investigating the characteristics of shellfish, marine plants and the non-fillet portion of fish to identify molecules that can be used for nutritional products or as industrial biomaterials.

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