Natural Flavours

We identify and isolate flavours and fragrances from natural produce for use as ingredients in foods and beverages.

Natural flavours and fragrances are desirable in both gourmet cuisine and convenient processed products. Our scientists have expertise in characterising natural flavours and fragrances, including those from fruits and indigenous New Zealand plants, and we have built up an extensive compound database. The information from the database is useful for development of natural flavours and ingredients for the food technology industry.

Perception of flavour and fragrance compounds is personalised and our database contributes to research to identify and map genes and explain the genetic inheritance of an individual's ability to detect smells and taste. This information is used in our breeding programmes to ensure our cultivars have the qualities that consumers want.

Our scientists also understand the challenges of delivering flavours and fragrances in processed foods. We develop technologies to ensure key components are retained during processing, then released for a full sensory eating experience.

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