Exercise Nutrition

We investigate the intrinsic properties of natural produce that assist in fitness and exercise recovery.

Alongside the world’s booming exercise industry there is a growing demand for foods and drinks that promote fitness and recovery. Consumers want to know that what they put into their bodies will optimise their performance, help them to recover faster and maintain good health.

Plant & Food Research is assessing the natural phytochemical compounds from fruits and vegetables to find what may help to balance the impacts that exercise can have on the body. We are using cellular, chemical, receptor and organ-based bioassay screening for compounds that minimise muscle damage and so modulate oxidative stress, inflammation, and have a beneficial effect on the immune system.  This is giving us an understanding of the bioactivity of the compounds and helping us to optimise their delivery for increased efficacy.

We use this knowledge to develop new products, concepts and ingredients for active consumers wanting scientifically validated foods and drinks, to make the most of their exercise programmes.