Integrated Pest & Disease Management

Plant & Food Research develops integrated methods of managing pest and disease that encourage the use of monitoring and minimise the use of chemical controls.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programmes allow growers to monitor pests and diseases to ensure thresholds are not exceeded. Software provides a means for logging, tracking and analysing pesticide usage, as well as providing information on the best times to apply control agents, optimising inputs and reducing environmental impact.

Plant & Food Research IPM expertise has been used in developing management programmes for a number of crops:

  • KiwiGreen
  • Integrated Fruit Production for Pipfruit
  • SummerGreen
  • AvoGreen
  • Citrus Integrated Fruit Production (IFP)
  • Green&Gold for persimmon
  • The Sweetcorn Toolkit
  • IPM for Vegetable Brassicas
  • IPM for Outdoor Head Lettuce
  • Sustainable Winegrowing New Zealand
  • Best practices for Integrated Pest Management of New Zealand Allium crops
  • Company specific programmes for tomatoes (processing and glasshouse) and peas.
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