Seafood Technologies Portfolio

Science has an important role to play in helping the seafood industry meet future issues and opportunities, as well as meet its future growth potential.

New Zealand is renowned for seafood products of high quality, reliable food safety and sustainable management of the resource.  Consistent quality and supply coupled with innovation and niche marketing increasingly enable the seafood industry to win business in high value, premium markets. In addition, aquaculture provides the opportunity to sustainably produce a range of fish and shellfish species that deliver the highest standards of food quality and safety.

Our dedicated Seafood Technologies team is committed to providing R&D to support the sustainable growth of the industry.  We work in partnership with seafood and marine-based companies to deliver science that will increase the value of seafood resources, enhance sustainability and market access, and support diversification of products and production systems.

Helen Mussely, General Manager Science

Seafood Production

Seafood Processing & Marine Products
Dr Susan Marshall, Science Group Leader

Mark Jarvis, Business Manager

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