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Dr Roger Hurst
Science Group Leader, Food & Wellness
Food Innovation

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Dr Roger Hurst


BSc (Hons), Applied Life Sciences, University of Wales, United Kingdom
PhD, Biochemistry, University of Keele, United Kingdom

Research Interests & Activities

Research expertise in the health and food area with an emphasis on oxidative stress/antioxidant/inflammatory mechanisms. Heavily involved in programmes investigating the health benefits of fruit-derived compounds. This work involves cell culture modelling of various tissues, animal and human intervention trials, determination and monitoring of inflammatory signals, evaluation of antioxidant levels, enzymatic antioxidant systems and modulatory pathways, evaluation of oxidative stress status, analysis and identification of fruit-derived compounds.

Key Publications

Parkar S, Redgate E, McGhie TK, Hurst RD (2014). In vitro studies of modulation of pathogenic and probiotic bacterial proliferation and adhesion to intestinal cells by blackcurrant juices. Food Function. 8: 35-44.
Nyanhanda T, Gould EM, McGhie T, Shaw OM, Harper JL, Hurst RD (2014). Blackcurrant cultivar polyphenolic extracts suppress CCL26 secretion from alveolar epithelial cells. Food Funct. 5: 671-677.
Nyanhanda T, Gould EM, Hurst RD (2014). Plant-derived foods for attenuation of allergic airway inflammation. Curr. Pharm. Des. 20: 869-878.
Sequeira IR, Lentle RG, Kruger MC, Hurst RD (2013). Differential trafficking of saccharidic probes following aspirin in clinical tests of intestinal permeability in young healthy female subjects. Clin. Exp. Pharmacol. Physiol. 41: 107-117. Sequeira IR, Lentle RG, Kruger MC, Hurst RD (2013). Mucosal permeability testing: response. Neurogastroenterol. Motil. 25: 855. Doi: 10.1111/nm0.12178.
Morrison SA, Cheung SS, Hurst RD, Cotter JD (2013). Cognitive function and blood-brain barrier permeability during exercise in the heat: Effect of fitness and bovine colostrum supplementation. J. Thermal Biol. 38: 374-383.
Hurst RD, Hurst SM (2013). Fruits and vegetables as functional foods for exercise and inflammation. In ‘Bioactive foods and chronic disease states’. Eds, R.R. Watson. Elsevier, Oxford, UK.
Buck EJ, Scalzo J, Wiedow C, Hurst R, Allan AC, McGhie TK, Nahla V. Bassil NV, Rowland LJ (2012). Progress in Blueberry Research in New Zealand, Int. J. Fruit Science 12: 304-315.

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