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Dr Kevin Sutton
Science Group Leader, Food & Bioproducts Technology
Food Innovation

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Dr Kevin Sutton


BSc (Hons), Chemistry, University of Canterbury, New Zealand
PhD, Organic Chemistry, University of Canterbury, New Zealand

Research Interests & Activities

Targeted human health outcomes through the understanding of food chemistry (in particular, protein, polysaccharide and phytochemical chemistry) and its interaction with human metabolism and the human microbiome, development and application of analytical and instrumental methods for determining the composition and functionality of food ingredients and products, understanding the relationship between protein and polysaccharide structure and chemistry and the control of the functionality of plant-based food products, and the development of bioproducts to attain the goal of “100% utilisation” of NZ plant crops.

Professional Memberships

Member, Royal Society of New Zealand
Member, New Zealand Institute of Chemistry
Member, Australan Grain Science Association

Key Publications

Parkar SG, Simmons LD, Herath T, Trower TM, Hedderley DI, McGhie TK, Blatchford P, Ansell J, Sutton KH, Ingram JR. 2018. Evaluation of the prebiotic potential of five kiwifruit cultivars after simulated gastrointestinal digestion and fermentation with human faecal bacteria. International Journal of Food Science and Technology, 53, 1203–1210.
Sutton KH, Simmons LD, Cummack JB, Roberts SJ 2016. Production of flours with reduced epitope content using milling technology. Cereal Chemistry 93(4): 352–356.
Mishra S, Monro J, Armstrong K, Motoi L, Sutton KH 2016. Digestive analysis of processing effects on the glycaemic impact of oats in vitro. SDRP Journal of Food Science & Technology, 1(2), published on-line 2 March 2016. Full text at:
Razzaq HAA, Sutton KH, Motoi L 2013. Altering the rate of glucose release from starch-based foods by spray-drying with an extract from barley. Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture 93(11): 2654–2659.
Ingram J, Sutton K, Lo K, Walker E, Parkar S, Ansell J, Monro J, Huffman L, Poppitt S 2012. Foods for appetite control: Developing plant-based functional foods targeting satiety. Obesity Research & Clinical Practice 6(Suppl. 1): O39
Gerrard JA, Lasse M, Cottam J, Healy JP, Fayle SE, Rasiah I, Brown PK, BinYasir SM, Sutton KH, Larsen NG 2012. Aspects of physical and chemical alterations to proteins during food processing – some implications for nutrition. British Journal of Nutrition 108: S288–S297.
Rao SP, Meade SJ, Healy JP, Sutton KH, Larsen NG, Staiger MP, Gerrard JA 2012. Amyloid fibrils as functionalizable components of nanocomposite materials. Biotechnology Progress 28(1): 248–256.
Eady S, Wallace A, Sutton K, Monro J, Mishra S, Motoi L, Simmons L, Wilson A, Scott R, Willis J, Frampton C 2012. The glycaemic response of concept snack bars from starches with different digestibility. Proceedings of the Nutrition Society of New Zealand 34: 30–33.