Leadership development

Leadership makes a difference to organisational and individual performance and to employee satisfaction, and outstanding leadership makes a great difference.

At Plant & Food Research we understand that developing each person's leadership capability allows not only for people to realise their potential, it also helps us to create a positive workplace culture. We hire based on the strengths people bring and we take the same strength based approach to leadership development.

Three streams of leadership development programmes are offered within Plant and Food Research, at a personal leadership, team leadership and senior leadership level.

Participants on our programmes will identify their leadership strengths through a combination of 360 degree feedback, and tools that highlight thinking preferences and personal values. Our people are supported to develop these strengths by establishing a network of feedforward coaches. Participants join small group coaching modules that cover communication styles, giving feedback, developing others, personal effectiveness, identifying critical success factors and using strengths to build a strong personal brand.

The programme consists of 7 sessions, three full day and 4 half days, over a three month period. Leadership 360 surveys are repeated 12 months later to measure leadership impact. We have developed through our own research a leadership framework that identifies the competencies that are linked to success.