Our strategy

Plant & Food Research Strategy

We believe our science can make the world a better place. That by working together, we can create a smart green future, for Aotearoa New Zealand and the world.

We invest in our people, our facilities, our information systems and in future science. We believe that these are vital parts of creating an organisation that delivers world-class science.

We know our science can only make a difference if it is applied outside the lab. We build relationships with customers and partners, including with Māori organisations, to find the best ways for our science to help their businesses grow.

We then share our knowledge and skills, so that our customers, our partners and Plant & Food Research itself receive fair value from the results of our science. We provide R&D services for those that need it and create pipelines of new technologies for commercialisation, either directly by us or in partnership with others.

For us, a smart green future means we use all available knowledge to produce healthy, nutritious food from the land and sea, while ensuring we protect our environment and create opportunities for future generations.