Māori Engagement

Plant & Food Research works with Māori organisations to develop new methods and products to support the sustainable social, environmental and economic aspirations of Iwi and Māori business in New Zealand.

We work with Iwi organisations and Māori business to identify opportunities for research and innovation that combine indigenous knowledge and modern techniques, particularly in the areas of:

  • Indigenous foods
  • Seafood
  • New horticultural crops and business expansion
  • Indigenous flavours
  • Environment
  • Sustainable production systems.

Plant & Food Research works with a number of Māori-owned businesses, Iwi organisations and research groups. Our ongoing research projects include:

  • Sustainable production of native plants, including kawakawa and pikopiko
  • Breeding new cultivars, including Māori potato and blueberry
  • Identifying unique flavours from indigenous flora
  • Land and river management planning.

We also offer scholarships to Māori students with a particular interest in science and business.